Bishop Duppas Bowls Club (Shepperton) - Marker's Guide

Markers Guidelines for Singles


Marking a game of bowls is an art and takes time to master. A good marker can “make a game”, the players deserve the best you can be.

Introduce yourself to both players and establish whose bowls belong to what player. Tell the players you would like time to centre the mat before they deliver the jack and you would like time to mark all touchers as soon as the bowl comes to rest and you would like permission to remove all dead bowls from the green or the ditch.

The competitor at the top is the challenger and calls heads or tails when the marker tosses the coin for who has the mat on the first end.

Carry the minimum amount of equipment onto the green with you. Normally, chalk or chalk spray, 2 wedges, a pen, a coin and a box measure. Bring out the marker’s case from under the table by the door and place it on grass verge. It contains the large tape and many other useful measuring equipment.


Some DO’s

Do align the jack after it has come to rest, but first note that the mat is correctly positioned.

Do pick up the mat from the previous end and place it on the bank.

Do ensure that the jack has been cast 23 metres, it is your responsibility to check.

Do stand about 2 metres behind and 1 metre to the side of the jack.

Do be alert and in position to see if a bowl becomes a toucher.

Do chalk all touchers on BOTH sides immediately the bowl comes to rest.

Do remove non touching bowls which have entered the ditch. These must be placed on the bank immediately.

Do answer all questions briefly, unless asked to elaborate by either player.

Do keep clear of the head when the players arrive, they determine the result of the end.

Do tell the players the score after every end.


Some Don’ts

Do Not move about when either player is about to play their bowl.

Do Not volunteer information on heads unless asked by either player.

Do Not applaud either player or shot.

Do Not tell the players who has shot when they arrive at the head.

Do Not obstruct the centre marker or rink markers.

Do Not engage in conversation with either player unless they want to.

Do Not move any bowls from the head, it is up to the two players to remove the bowls whether counting or not.




Move to the front of the head to wait for the players to decide who is shot or how many shots are scored.

The ability to measure and knowing the correct procedures is vital to being a good marker.

There is a sequence of events that the marker should follow once the score has been agreed at the head.

Mark the Card - Change the score on the board -Check the mat for the next end.

An easy way to remember this is Card Board Mat.

This is the sequence you should follow every end.

The players and marker might decide to take it in turns to change the scoreboard so you can walk quickly to the other end. The rest of the card can be completed after the jack on the next end has been straightened.

When the game is complete make sure both players agree the result, and both sign the card. Put the card into the box near the competition sheets.