Bishop Duppas Bowls Club (Shepperton) - Setting up a rink

So how do you set up a rink ready for a game?

If you walk around the edge of the green just above the ditch you will see coloured markers. These could be Green,  Blue or any other colour.
Our green has 6 rinks that play across or up, depending on the day(see book in clubhouse).
If you stand in front of the clubhouse looking up at the green, rink 1 starts on the left hand side to rink 6 on the right side.
If you are playing across, rink 1 is the nearest to the clubhouse and rink 6 furthest away.

So, you are playing on rink 1 across on blue markings. You will need to collect the numbers x 2 and 4 x rink edge markers (white metal hooks), all these items are located in the equipment shed. The numbers are placed on the first blue mark, on both ends of the rink. You then need to place the edge markers. If you look underneath the lip, where you placed the numbers, go to the right and left to the first vertical blue lines and place the edge markers. Make sure both ends of the rink are done.

You now need to place the 23 metre (minimum jack length) markers. You will need 4 x white metal hooks.
If you follow the ditch in the direction you intend to bowl about 1/3 of the way up you will come across 1 black vertical line, place a marker. If you continue to about 2/3 of the way along you will come across another black vertical line, place another marker. You now need to go over to rink 6 and place 2 corresponding markers on the black vertical lines. You have now set up a rink..........well done!!